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JooLee Battery Co., Ltd. ranked No. 500 national private enterprises


                                                                    Date: 2012-09-09

All China Federation of Industry and Commerce held the press conference about 2012 China 500 national private enterprise on Aug 25 in Beijing .JooLeita Group with 5.71847 billion is one of 500 top private enterprises in China,ranked 416.There are 46 Guangdong enterprises on the list ,and JooLeita is ranked 36 . It is frist list to JooLee.

All China Federation of Industry and Commerce havea a researched for main force private enterprises ,then depend on the research information to get 2012 China 500 national private enterprises .Annual revenue in 2011 is a standard ,and technology content is reference.The research had last 13years since 1998,so many of private enterprises datas to record the development of its history.

JooLee constantly transitioning from one technology to another ,and stand outside from numerous of private enterprises .During the development for more than twenty years.Closely around the national of innovative and high technology,circular economy,new characteristic superiority industry ,improve investment projects,accelerate economic restructuring,to vigorously develop the lithium battery industry,solar PV and others new industry,promotion of level of this business .The implementation of scientific development, sustainable development and strategies for development by leaps and bounds, out of a clear-cut has its own characteristics on the road.

JooLee takes the opportunity of low-carbon economic ,and take the development of new energy industry into the emphasis of the enterprise' s future . Adhere to the principles of sustainable development, strengthening environmental protection to further strengthened the core competencies and development strength of the enterprise.Strive to create a high-tech enterprises with multi-billion in the "12 5" period.

JooLee will be enter a health, rapid developmentis with following constantly input financial and material resources in developing power battery ,solar PV and grid PV power station,energy storage systems.By strong, firm leadership from group director , JooLee will certainly "to receive the wind-broken wave, holds up the head to voyage".

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