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Green JooLee, Writing a New Page of Lithium Battery


                                                                    Date: 2012-09-15

With the needs of development in electric bicycle industry,lithium battery gets more and more attention of the market.JooLee Battery is one of the largest manufacturers of dynamic lithium battery used for electric bicycle in China.In order to adapt to market variations,the company use two kinds of production mode that is lithium battery modularization and standard integration ,which satisfy the needs of customers and distributors.

JooLee modularized battery's advantages:First,modularized battery's specification and size accord with the traditional lead-acid battery, and it is conveniently assembled;Second, each battery is integrated with the inserted protection plate and external protection socket. With the protection functions of the reverse charging and reverse connecting,overcurrent, overcharge, short circuit, balance and temperature control etc, single battery models can be assembled in series at will,which improves its safety performance; Third, it is convenient to detect and maintain for the installation mode which is close to the "fool type"; Forth, because of higher energy density and longer cycle life, it could apply longer driving mileage with the same capacity as lead acid battery.Fifth, the case is assembled groove and buckle, which improves its bonding and waterproof effect. Sixth, with low total cost, JooLeita lithium battery's module can save a module compared with the same capacity of lead-acid module.

JooLee lithium battery is not constrained of the "whitebait" type case used in traditional lithium battery, while it uses new case with patent design, which is current in the same model of lead acid battery, with more advantages no matter in its appearance and practical applicability.

Meanwhile, JooLeita standardized and integrated lithium battery is being attempted to update and product in order to satisfy users and dealers' dynamic selection and upgrade, that is one of the main reasons why JooLeita lithium battery is so popular.

JooLee group is committed to the research, development and production of lithium battery. LiFePO4 dynamic battery which is independently researched and developed by the company has made breakthrough in the safety of lithium ion dynamic battery with large capacity: Under extreme circumstances of extrusion, acupuncture and short circuit etc, there is no fire, no burning and no explosion, besides, the battery has successively past the national authority¨s detection and got CE and UL certification, which already reached the leading domestic level.With a series of advantages of high energy density, superior cycle performance, low self discharge, long life, green and environmental protection etc., at present, JooLeita lithium batteries are successfully used in electric automobiles, electric bicycle, solar and wind supplementary energy storage supply, military equipments etc.

JooLee lithium battery company sincerely recruit agents from all over the country:
1.In order to fully understand our company's management idea, prospects, advantages and technology, sales channels and after-sales service etc, we sincerely welcome agents to the company and factory for investigation on the spot ;
2.The company will provide agents with free necessary technical training and consulting services as well as free product catalogue and propaganda materials etc;
3.The company input huge advertising expenses in the main media of China so as to develop the market better for agents;
4.The company will introduce preferential policies for agent aperiodically;
5.The company supply agent's price for them.

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