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China has become the second largest market at the highest growth rates


                                                                    Date: 2012-10-20

Apple CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook said on Tuesday, China is the second charge market apple camp, apple is the fastest growing business areas.

China is not just apple product producer, in just the past the last fiscal year after the United States has become the second charge market apple camp. Before, apple and its executives have been stressing the importance of the Chinese market.

On Tuesday, apple CEO cook reiterated that the importance of the Chinese market. Cook says: ^apple business in China¨s development speed surprise, the greater China area (the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan) revenue up to apple fiscal 2011 annual revenue of 16%, and only 2% in fiscal year 2009. The greater China region has become the fastest growing business apple area. ̄

As in September 24, 2011 in the fourth quarter, apple a net profit of $6.623 billion, or diluted earnings of $7.05. Revenue for 28.27 billion dollars, more than the same period last year¨s $20.343 billion increase of 39%. Among them, the Chinese market revenue for 4.5 billion dollars.

Cook finally said: ^after, I haven¨t seen which country has so many consumers so favour our products. China is a full of opportunities of the market, her with the fastest speed became our second camp accept market. ̄

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