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Quality Policy
 We persist in the "Pursuit zero defect, with very competitive cost to meet customers¨ needs" as our quality policy, and always have sincerity to provide customers with high quality products and services, and committed to pursuit and surpass 100% customer satisfaction, to be the world's leading professional vendor.

   The company has complete testing facilities and laboratory that meets the conditions of testing. We analyze the product completely in accordance with customers¨ requirements or definition of the reliability of IPC. We have a complete equipment and perfect technic which have surpassed the requirements of standards for actual product needs, it was deeply appreciated by our customers!

Quality Objectives
  Customer satisfaction> 98 (per quarter of a year)
  Products through the wholesale rate of> 98% (month)
  Customer complaint rate of <1% (month)
  Delivery time rate of: 100%







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